Thursday, December 20, 2012

Update 12/17/2012 - 12/23/2012

Workouts so far this week:
Monday - Hiit workout
Tuesday - 3mile power walk
Wednesday - full body weight lifting workout
Thursday - 35minutes of kickboxing
Friday - rest
Saturday - rest
Sunday - 35min step aerobic workout on a 6'step

Notice the MFP ticker at the top of my blog. Yup...going that route again. It feels good. OA is good too. I started  a feelings journal ( a suggestion from my OA sponsor) and it helps a lot. Oh and I'm almost off of zoloft, I've got about 5more days of 12.5 mgs left and its over with.

Hows everyone doing? My christmas shopping is done...yay, hallelujah!! We got our kids some off brand tablets that cost 70$ on ebay ( but powered by android and google, my DH explained it too me but I wasn't listening LOL)  then some board games and some other cheaper toys. We got the stocking stuffers today.

I'm glad its almost over. I grew up with parents there were 'once upon a time' Jehovah witnesses so we didn't really celebrate any holidays. We never went to the kingdom hall either so I never understood why we never celebrated holidays. *shrugs shoulders*.  No Halloween trick or treat nights, no Christmas trees and no thanksgiving dinners. Not that I'm complaining... I mean hey, you never missed what you never had to begin with right? Of course I broke that tradition when I married my husband who grew up baptist. He broke away from his religion too so now we both agree to just be good people and believe and God.

so anyways ( stepping off my soap box) let me stop rambling and get my sweaty but into the shower.

Its Sunday 12/23 was nuts. Lots of things going on. When I got home I made myself do a cardio. I was breathing so hard that I almost fell out on the floor. Gesh...

Eating hasn't been very good the past few days. Everybody at work brings in little treats and I haven't had time to pack my lunch.

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