Saturday, November 24, 2012

Just a vent

I don't talk about my family much on here. But as of RIGHT NOW im breaking some habits!

My mom and my sister drive me crazy. I can't even begin to understand them and never really have? This morning I ask my mom to watch the kids for two hours while I get my inventory done...she's working and can't. Ok, understandable. But now she's trying to argue with me ( of course with text, and I can't stand texting) about something that happened last week?

So then I call my sister who is 4yrs younger than me and she lives with my mom. Actually they have an apartment together. She's off on weekends and I figured she wouldn't mind sitting with the kids for a few hours this evening....well, she starts complaining (shes a notorious complainer) about how she never gets a break from her own child and tonight her child is going to spend the night with her grandma and she needs a break and blah,blah,blah ( wah,wah,wah). I say "ok, forget about it". Then she thinks im mad and says she always watches the kids when I ask and yadda yadda yadda. I tell here im not mad, its ok...forget about it. (gesh) ( BTW-What in the heck is a break? I don't get breaks from my kids...I consider them a pleasure to be around, most of the time;-)

so here I sit trying to figure out what to do with the kids? I guess they will have to come to work with sure my boss won't mind. I just hate doing that. The kids get bored and I get distracted..

My father in law can't - he's got other plans and so does my dad and two older brothers.

I don't care at this point. Im exhausted!! Oh to get ready for work. At least my husband can drop them off around 5 or so and I get off at 8 so its should be ok.

Breakfast was a english muffin with an egg and some yogurt. Lunch will be a brown rice bowl. I take brown rice, lean ground beef, tomatoes, onions, garlic and some black eyed peas and dump it in a bowl.  I plan to top it with salsa :) YUM!

Not sure on snacks yet. Maybe some almonds and string cheese...ya know, whatever...


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