Friday, November 02, 2012


Good Morning Fellow Bloggers!!!

TGIF to anyone who has the luxury of having weekends off.  And I hope no one was affected by Hurricane Sandy...I was astonished at how huge that thing was. Wow...

Unfortunately the cold weather down south has caught up to me. For the past two days I've been battling a sore throat/sinus congestion. I woke up this morning feeling slightly better. I just hope all this mess is gone before our vacation coming up this Monday :D Where going out of town for a few days to get away...can't wait to spend time with my family. We decided to rent a car since our vehicles aren't trust worthy to travel that far...Im excited about that too, LOL. Driving something new/different for three days is kinda neat. ( I know, Im a dork haha)

So, since I've been sick I haven't had the chance to workout - I used to workout regardless if I was sick or not but uh-uh, not anymore. My body is already fighting a battle and it doesn't need anything else to deal with.
Eating has been ok - not fabulous, just ok. There is Halloween candy in the house and I vow to not eat any today. -dammit!

So this is my 2nd week and 5th day of continuing to lower my doses of Zoloft and so far so good. I feel fine! I've been taking zoloft for a little over a year now and put on 35lbs. My highest dose was 100mgs. I've been slowly reducing it by 25mgs every 7 days and like I said, I feel fine so far. No anxiety, no uneasy feeling or that skin crawling sensation. No antsy feelings like I had before I took it.  I just pray that I can completely come off it and still feel this good. Only time will tell.

ok. Time to get my day started. Gotta get the kids lunch packed for school and my food for the day.

Have a Fabulous Friday!

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