Thursday, November 15, 2012

Don't Rain On My Parade

Good Morning, I just finished a 4 mile walk/run interval with Leslie Sansone and feel awesome -or did - until I started getting dressed and its was almost physically impossible to button my work pants :( I was laughing at first about it but now I realize it isn't funny. It fact it f*cking sucks!!!! (sorry to drop the F-bomb)

Yesterday was my birthday so I ate some Mexican food for supper along with a huge @ss margarita ( and I never drink and probably won't again lol, all it does is make me sleepy. ) I also had some cake ( well 1/3 of a pan of chocolate cake). And its almost time for my monthly visitor...

I'm hoping all of this combined has got the scale way up with water weight. I don't step on the scale much these days - just go by how my pants feel, which is why im feeling a little blah right now.

But I will be ok, I've got to get ready for work. Get my meals packed and im sure I will feel better in a little while. Just wanted to share my feelings this morning.

I've got to admit...the margarita was delicious and the food was amazing. Even he waiters were cute...LOL. just being bad now. Have a great Thursday :)

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