Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Update and pics of vacation :) Hello friends!

As promised...I'm back with pics of our family vacation to Pigeon Forge / Gatlinburge Tennessee  We had such a good time, the weather didn't want to cooperate 2 out of the four days that we were there, but we still made the best of it.

My poor hubby was sick the entire time but was a good sport about it. 

So, we stayed at Wilderness at the Smokies in Pigeon Forge and it was quite the experience there. They had an indoor water park (which was the initial attraction to this hotel) and arcade, miniature golf and a potter making store in the hotel. We didn't eat at there restaurants but thats only because there prices were a little to much for our budget :)

The indoor water park is awesome. The arcade area was awesome. The hotel room itself was nice and cozy..beautiful furniture and a nice soft bed. I can honestly say that I have no complaints with this hotel :) But if I was older with my kids all grown up, I probably wouldn't come here just because its very kid friendly. There were a lot of families there.

hotel from the road

all three of my babies

in gatlinburge  in front of our favorite restaurant  (well one of our favorites)

H*E*A*V*E*N (indoor and outdoor hot tub, it was huge)

W/my babies

The wave pool to the right and the entrance to the heated pool to the left

wave pool in action

the outside part of the heated pool

This was the outside part of the most awesomness water slide that was there- a street view- called the Storm Chaser. OMG...loved it! ( specially after a few margaritas ;-)

Balcony shot from our hotel room

The hall way - I thought it looked creepy, like on the movie "The Shinning"
ok...thats all for now. I took like 6,000 pictures but for some reason its taken forever to get them to upload on here. 

I also wanted to give a quick update on the whole 'weaning myself off zoloft process' . As of today...im officially OFF zoloft :D. I feel good, the last couple of days I've been kinda dizzy but I think its due to a nasty virus going around at work. 

I did have -what I can only describe as- an anxiety attack the day we left pigeon forge. I just felt very ansty, skin crawling and I felt like I needed to get out of the car or something. It was a very uneasy feeling...but it passed and later that day I contacted my doctor and he told me to just continue on with the 25mgs until I have taken it a full 7 days ( I was on day 3 at the time).  

But so far so good. I know that life isn't perfect, I'm going to get upset and emotional over things, But the main thing for me is to not let my mind race over it. To not let anxiety consume me and believe me, I will go back on zoloft ( or something else) if I feel like I can't handle it again. 

ok...hubby's cooking so Im off to fold some clothes. My eating is going well! I got in three solid workouts last week and this week I have got in one so far. I plan on doing a weight workout tomorrow...

slow and easy wins the race
Have a good night :)

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