Monday, October 08, 2012

What Happened To Me?

I mean seriously?  LOOK at this pic of me from yesterday. We took the kids to six flags over Ga and had a blast but WOW, I saw this picture and my heart sank. My cheeks are so full.  I can't believe I've allowed myself to get this chubby again?


The bakery is killing me. Literally!! I've got to learn how to deal with my emotions besides eating them. This can't go on any longer...

Today I decided to not eat anything at the bakery and I didn't. My stomach was growling and I was baking croissants. I didn't bring my lunch but I did buy me a sub at subway that was low calorie and low fat with lots of veggies piled on top.

It was a good day. Im proud of myself :D
 I plan on eating some pulled chicken bbq for supper with some baked fries and a side salad. I got in a thirty minute walk yestereday after work and today I will do it again. I just don't have the energy right now to pick up the weights, maybe tomorrow.

Have a great day.

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