Sunday, October 28, 2012

If I Won The Lottery I Would

-Work 2 days a week at the bakery doing nothing but cake orders...
-Spend all my free time with my precious kids ( I miss them this morning and I have to work :( )
-Offer the owner of this place ane lump sum ...then sell this double wide trailer and build me a ranch style house with a wrap around porch & storm shelter :D
-offer some of my free time to volunteer at the hospital or library ( somewhere)

But in order for this to actually happen I would need to PLAY the Lottery LMAO!!!


Its always a pleasure to post all my spontaneous thoughts on here for all you good people to view. Im up early to bake and get paid for it ( aka work) -fixin' to head out the door right now. Just wanted to pop in here with a quick update:

Yesterdays workout was a full body heavy weight lifting workout by Cathe friedrich called Power Hour. I matched cathe on all upper body weights. But the lower body weights I had to keep it a little lighter because I was BURNING during the warm up - how sad is that ? gesh....

I also ate right at calorie goal so yesterday was a good day. :)


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