Monday, October 01, 2012

I Can't Believe its OCTOBER 1ST!!!?

What happened to September? I don't even remember it being here?

---->>>>>>> This is a picture of my furry babies watching us leave yesterday afternoon. I turn around to grab my purse and this is what I see. So adorable....they hate it when we leave.  (left to right) Pebbles, Sammy & Rocky.

Workouts: all Cathe last week! 
wed-Athletic training
thursday- upper body plit from muscle endurance
saturday-High reps
monday - circuit for an hour.

Pretty good week of workouts last week. I feel so good after a good workout, particually weights and it really helps with my stress. My eating this week was good. You can view it at under my userID name. Bakerygirl78 - its a public account. I didn't log yesterday but kept things under control. Except the two slices of cake I made after work LOL.

Fitbit Update:
So over the weekend I emailed fitbit and told them about my issues with my Fitbit. This morning I woke up to an email requesting some personal information along with a e-receipt of my purchase and my desired fitbit color.  Im pretty excited about getting a new one I just hope I don't have the same problems with it. My old one is still sitting in its box...unresponsive. ( I checked it again last night)

We had inventory over the weekend and with us being short handed it got pretty intense. I wanted to strangle the little donut Lady, she is so despiteful & vindictive ( she wants my job ) sigh.  I was trying to get all the cake orders done and meanwhile we were pretty busy with customers. In other words I kept gettting interupted during my cake orders to help customers - which can be frustrating.
So, I had a cake order that was for 12 cupcakes shapped and decorated like a soccorball...easy stuff, but the only problem is I was in ' cupcake cake mode' and in our cupcake cakes we have 24 cupcakes - not 12 so without thinking I make a 24count cupcake cake shapped like a soccor ball.

Sigh, my mistake.

So when the customer came to pick it up the donut lady offered to retreive it from the cooler...and then I heard complaining from the customer...and the donut lady brings the cake to me with this evil grin on her face  telling me my mistake. I really had to bit my tounge when she said " the order is for 12 cupcakes and this is 24?"  ( she's from mexico and doesn't speak very good english so we've always had problems commuticating and she's always trying to get a rise out of me) After she said that I looked at her and said.."ok? , so change the price to a 12 count?' She then goes and gets the bakery manager to explain the whole situation. The bakery manager doesn't make a big deal out it at all and just gives the customer the other 12 cupcakes and goes on with her business.

The bottom Line! ( and here's the venting part of the story so brace yourself) I get so fucking tired of this donut lady trying to make me look like a fool in front of customers and other employees!! She's quick to point out my mistakes and NEVER ONCE came to me and said she was sorry ( i always be the better women and go to her so we have peace between us). In that moment saturday I had thoughts about  going to the store manager and asking to transfer to a different department.  I'm sick of all the stress the bakery has. I'm sick of my bakery manger looking the other way when it comes to the donut lady!  She rides the clock basicly coming and going as she pleases and is always trying to argue with me. Im sick of her MONTH LONG vacations which disrupts other employees lives because we have to do her job which requires us to be at work at 3:30 in the fucking morning!!  It just gets old and I'm sick of it.

I keep telling myself that one day I will have my own bakery and I can hire whoever I want too. ---One Day.

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