Wednesday, October 03, 2012


             First off, since I was too busy complaining this morning I forgot to check my emails to find this lovely notice followed by another one saying that my BRAND SPANKING NEW Fitbit has shipped today!!!!       

Thank you for completing your order from - Your order is being processed and will ship soon.
  • Your order's confirmation number is blah,blah,blah. Keep this for your records.
  • To make changes to your order contactour support team or to cancel your order visit Order Status on
Order Confirmation / Receipt
Item Unit Price Qty. Cost
Fitbit Ultra Tracker (Plum) $0.00 1 $0.00
Subtotal: $0.00
Total: $0.00
Ship to:
  • Amy ******
  • ***********
  • ******, GA ****

Can I just say how completely AWESOME fitbits customer service is? getting a free fitbit people! Ive still got my other fitbit in its box and if that sucker wakes up from its death I will have a back up :)

Ok. Now your probably wondering why I'm not at work? Well I go through all the trouble of getting ready for work ( taking a shower + applying my makeup + fixing my hair, meanwhile getting two kids ready for school which requires me to pack there lunch and make thier breakfast along with my breakfast and lunch...whew) only to find that Im OFF TODAY and I was given the wrong schedule when I called Monday to get it. Yes...this makes me kinda angry but hey, who cares because I have all day to get out of this crappy mood :)


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  1. Yee hah! That's 2 good things to happen today - it comes in 3s you know!?!


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