Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Drool Much? I Did Today!

As I was shopping this morning for a pillow some guacamole and some chicken noodle soup ( among other things) I couldn't help but stop and stare at this aisle of Halloween candy. sigh... I didn't go down it, just drooled a bit. (sorry the pic is kinda fuzzy, it was taken on my phone)

ok. So yesterday was good. I got in a 30 minute walk and today a 40minute walk.

Food was good both days. Its 7:05 and I still have popcorn on my diary left...a whole bag of popcorn..YUM.

One day at a time and if I have meal at a time.  And i know from past experience that this one day at a time  theory will soon turn into habit. And suddenly three weeks have gone by and I don't even think about reaching for that greasy cheeseburger, I reach for a sandwich or salad instead :) Thats how I did it before and thats the only way to do it...healthy. day at at time.



  1. hi! i just accidentally found your blog but how encouraging! you really do a have a beautiful story that's already encouraging me! looking forward to more posts fromyou!

  2. Hey Morgan! Thank you so much for your kind words and welcome to my blog! :)


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