Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day #3 TGIF

Its my Friday and I can't wait to be off for two days, HELL YEAH! Saturday will be spent at Six Flags over Ga with my family. I miss my babies so much :( we got season passes for the rest of this year and all of next year for a reasonable price. So next summer the kids will become quite familiar with all the rides at SF. LOL.

Yesterday was my third day wearing my fitbit at work and for some reason my calories burned aren't linking with MFP? The fitbit site is telling me I still have calories left to eat but MFP is showing an adjustment of 0? ((Huh? etsgueeze me? Baking powder?)) sigh, Im just about ready to give up on THE FITBIT FOREVER.


I made an appointment with my therapist for Monday afternoon...I'm sure she will see me weekly until I can get a handle on this over eating. I kinda over ate last night about 300 calories. Honestly, I wish I could come off the Zoloft because its making me just not give a damn anymore. Im in lala land most of the time. Its true that its kinda like a happy pill - I don't get emotionally affected by things anymore, every situation just rolls off my shoulder.

On my last doctors appointment I asked about slowly weaning myself off of zoloft and he was against it because of my recent anxiety. And the way he explained it did make sense - in the end, im still on it and going back to therapy.

ok, time to get ready for work.

No workout today, yesterday I did a short upper body workout and today I will do something after work.

Have a great Saturday :)

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