Wednesday, October 03, 2012


Yesterday afternoon I noticed my mood changed. I woke up feeling great but as the day went on I became a grumpy grouch. I went to be grumpy and woke up grumpy. I just wish I have a good day at work. I really could care less about going this morning.

I never did get in a workout yesterday...I laid around in my workout clothes all day though. I did do some cleaning. Monday I did Bootcamp by Cathe and I felt like I had been beat with a bat afterwords! My knees, lower back, chest and basicly my whole body was aching? Its either my weight with the higher intensity workout or like a friend on mfp explained, my body wasn't conditioned enough for that workout. I think she's right too because I hardly ever do those bootcamp type workouts anymore because they just exhaust me. to work.

Its days like this when I just don't need to be around other people. Just plain grumpy ( aka bitchy)

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  1. I hate mood swings that you can't help and that ruin your whole day. I hope you have a better day tomorrow chicken!


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