Tuesday, September 11, 2012


workouts for the past three days...

Sept 8 - Afterburn ( 50 minute Hiit Cathe)
Sept 9 - rest
Sept 10 - 45 minute walk
Sept 11 - Muscle Endurance ( full body weights) 

ETA- I pulled a muscle this morning in my lower back so no workout today :'(
Maybe muscle endurance tomorrow...

Calories were good. I had a higher calorie day on Sunday - just because I wanted too. I think I ended the day at around 2500 or something.  The scale hasn't moved much this past week or so...its been holding steady so the workouts must be building muscle. I can remember back when I lost weight before I wouldn't lose every week...more like every other week or once a month.

This is my third week of consistent healthier eating and working out and I can feel and see a difference in my legs and arms, they're tighter with less flab :) my pants are not as tight, my stomach doesn't stick out as bad, I have more energy and I feel so good!

I've got to figure out how to get more veggies in. I'm just not a big veggie eater right now. I use to eat them like crazy...I would sneak them into my food. Time to figure that out again. Yesterday I cooked a lb of chicken in some butter pam spray seasoned w/Mckormick chicken flavored seasoning. It was deliscious! I put it in a high fiber/ low carb wrap with some lettuce, tomato , jalapeno's and light ranch dressing. OMG...so good! It was my husbands idea so I can't take full credit for that...

ok. Have a great day. Im off today and tomorrow so im sure I will be popping back in here later. :)

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