Friday, September 28, 2012

TGIF 9/28/12


Just up drinking my coffee while its quiet around here. Got a busy day ahead of me.

So I have some sad news - my fitbit stop responding Wednesday evening and its been unresponsive ever since :(

This is disappointing because the thing cost $100 and is only 6 days old. I surfed the website and found some advice on what to do when this happens. None of their suggestions help any so I'm taking it back for a refund :'(  I think its because It kept getting moist - I am a sweater. But you would think if a device cost 100$ and its meant to be placed near the torso AND to be worn during workouts ( you have to wear it 24/7) it could withstand sweat?

The new one that they have out is 59$ and its suppose to be waterproof....I may have to check in to that one.

But I do have some good pants are getting just a tad bit loose :D

My workouts this week. (All Cathe)

Wed-Athletic Training
Thurs- Upper body split from Muscle Endurance

I plan on doing something after work today...

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