Thursday, September 20, 2012

I'm bidding on a Fitbit on ebay right now. If I don't win it then I will order one from their website or run down to best buy and buy one. Im very excited about getting one which is nice. I really need something to help keep me motivated. If nothing else I can monitor my activity and move more to lose weight. ( since staying consistent with the calorie counting seems to be a challenge)

Today is Thursday, September 20th. I have to work the next five days but I also plan on trying to get back on track. I did pretty good yesterday up until night time then I had about 500 calories of junk. No workout yesterday but I did stay busy the entire day cleaning my house. It was a shameful mess!! Just put it this way, I did 5 loads of laundry and there is still some left :(

ok, off to get ready for work and to get the kids ready for school. I set my alarm for a workout but then rolled over and slept another hour. ppppsssstttt.

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