Thursday, September 06, 2012

Feeling A Wittle Better...

Sorry you guys had to witness my little tantrum yesterday morning. But I needed to unload. I never did get in a workout, just decided to treat myself to a full rest day. Instead I vegged out in front of the tv watching some movies and reading. Its amazing how doing nothing can make you so hungry. I had to make myself get out of the kitchen a lot of times yesterday. And I had to drink water a lot of times too just to shut my stomach up! The growling was all in my head....

I do feel better but a little guilty for not doing anything. sigh, oh well.

Its back to work this morning - blech! I set my alarm clock to give me plenty of time to get in a workout but decided to drink coffee and play on the internet instead. I've got all day to do that workout ;-)

I've got my eye on this thing called a Fitbit. ( I think I mentioned this a few posts back) It tracks your every step and your sleep and lets you know how many calories you've burned throughout the day so you know how many you need in order to lose weight. Myfitnesspal has it set up to sync with their site too.  Its pretty pricey though...i found it at best buy for 99$. ( the same price as Cathe's new series that I wanted to preorder in two weeks) so now im kinda torn between the two.

So no weight loss this morning. Actually im up two lbs because of some stuuupid low calorie ( high sodium) food choices yesterday. I predicted I would be up so it wasn't a surprise. Im just glad i'm finally going in the right direction again... If I keep going this way I should be close to those smaller pants in my closet by Christmas :) Now THAT'S something to S*M*I*L*E about.

off to get ready for work.

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