Monday, September 17, 2012

So Random..

Ever just feel like being mean? There's this anger inside of me right now that I don't like one bit, its not me...I'm not going to analyze it because im about 99.9% sure its from eating terrible the last 3 & 1/2 days.

I had another bad dream last night, this time I was fighting for my life while zombies where trying to bite me. Actually they did bite me but I never stopped fighting (or oddly enough, never turned into a zombie?). I guess that's what I get for watching Resident Evil : Afterlife recently.
Maybe that's the whole theory behind my never give up even if you fail?


Well whatever the dream meant I was certainly kicking ass with my lighting fast karate-like moves and my quick puzzle-solving thinking.  ;-)

ok. As you can guess today is day one again. And my weight is back up to what I was two weeks ago. I don't care. Its gonna take time to figure this out and I felt so good when I was logging my food and exercising daily...not to mention my pants were fitting loose and just my over all appearance had improved.

I can't wait to feel that way again. I can't wait for my back to feel better so I can get those weight lifting workouts in again. I cant wait to get my hands on my new clever weightloss buddy called a 'FitBit' buying a Fit Bit Wednesday...did I mention that in my last post? I can't remember :/

ok, off to work ( im closing tonight...its still a mess at work * eye roll)

Today's workout was a 3 mile power walk + some Cathe Yoga relax. I have my food logged at 1400 calories but I plan on ending the day at around 1700.

have a great Monday :)

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