Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Day #... I Don't Know?

Perhaps #7? who cares? I don't!! What difference does it make anyway because Im still dieting and yep, it sucks. Im a grumpy gus today and I've come on here to complain about it =P

This morning I did a step aerobics video by Cathe called Step Moves, well..I didn't exactly do the whole dvd because after 30minutes I was ready to drop into a sweaty heep on the floor. I can't believe how quickly out of shape my body has become? Or maybe im just tired from being on my feet all day at work? I dunno.  And I've been so bitchy these past few days, UGH...everything is getting on my nerves. Everything and EVERYBODY. Im so looking forward to my quiet house in the morning :/ ( and no, its not that time of the month *eye roll) Im just on edge. Guess its the dieting. Im not really hungry either. Im just not eating whatever I want...does that make any sense?

I plan on getting in a full body weight workout tomorrow or some version of a weight workout - LOL.  Hey, maybe the scale will be down in the morning so I can do a little bitchy happy dance in my bathroom :D

ok. Later.

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