Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Co-Workers (part 2)

Soooo, remember my last post on co-workers? well, now that first co worker, the 23 yr old who talked a lot is being transferred out to the deli because her and the bakery manager aren't getting along too good. And  IMHO its the girls fault! She got mad at the bakery manager because she couldn't get Saturday off when she requested it off. Well, she requested 2 days off per a week, every day last month and she got all of those days off. Just because she doesn't get one day off she gets mad? She says she doesn't get to spend enough time with her husband (they've been married three years) and she only see's him maybe two hours a week.

Well, what really pissed off the Bakery Manager is that this girl went on face book and complained about it saying she was being "punished"and keep going on about how she never gets to see her husband she hates her job and blah, blah, blah. (eye roll)

My opinion:

this girl is a spoiled, whiny, selfish young women who needs to grow up! They don't have children so why are they only seeing each other 2 hours a week? What in the hell are they doing with there time?  she told me that when she's home and he's home that he will go off with his friends and do guys things like river rafting or going to car shows and he will leave her at home, alone.

She doesn't appreciate anything either. Two weeks ago there was a four day period where her husbands grandmother passed away and  everybody in the bakery pulled together to work her hours. I came in and closed after working that morning, the donut lady came in and closed after doing donuts another morning and  one of our cake decorators came in and closed two days after working at his other job. She never said anything too us for saving her butt all she could say was how the BM never asked how she was doing after she came back from her 4 days off.

I'm glad she's moving. I'm tired of biting my tongue around her.

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