Friday, September 14, 2012


Ummmm, I kinda sorta had a tiny bit of a binge last night. I've been thinking about my actions and it boils down too life not going my I stuff myself with two extra pork chops a cup of mac-n-cheese then some blueberry pancakes later(w sf syrup LOL) ...sigh, today's another day. :)

Wanna hear the sad, whinny story? sure you do!!! 

ok, so I hurt my back last tuesady which derailed my whole week of awesome workouts. Then I find out I wasn't off work on wednesay ( my usual day off ) then I had to work the early shift yesterday (3am -11am) because there was a mistake in the schedule...and while all of this was going on I barely got to see my sweet hubby. I had mixed emotions before I started the binge...I have to figure this out so it doesn't happen again..

up two lbs this morning. but im back on track today. I still have to take it easy with my more lifting for a few days but I do plan on walking like a mad women and watching what I eat very closely. 

I'm off tomorrow THANK YOU JESUS!

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  1. I hate it when things don't go to plan it can really throw you out. I'm the same. You have a routine, you have plans and someone comes along and pulls the rug out. Not good. I'm struggling with the change from hot weather to cold weather here and that along with crazy hours at work caused my binge this week. I wish someone could find a quick fix or I could. Good Luck with getting back on track this week. S xxx


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