Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ever start a new post and once you reach that blank computer screen you're not quite sure how to start it?

Yesterday was interesting. Everything was getting on my nerves. Just no patience at all! I snapped at my DH and kids a few times =(. DH and I went grocery shopping and while we were out I bought me some new shoes...finally. I went to Ross and found some Sketchers Tone-Ups Run that feel pretty good on my feet. I also bought me two pairs of pants for work...Im hoping they will be baggy on me in a few months ;-)

Later that day I had this really bad craving for a dark chocolate bar. Just out of the blue this craving came ( this craving came after peebles, my boxer pup,  got out of the fence and decided to play a game of "can't catch me" and I was furious!!!)  But then this little voice said " if you eat sugar its going to be back into your system and can you handle that right now? Do you want to handle that right now? Imagine how you'll feel if you don't eat the candy bar? "  

I like that little voice. She's awesome....I've missed her. ( of course the voice is female pstttt)

So I didn't buy the candy bar. And this morning the scale is moving in the right direction again. So yep, I feel good. And my bad mood and short temper is just a symptom of eating healthier when your not use to it. It sucks...but im dealing with it.

My workouts so far this week are pretty good. I did a 30minute power walk on Monday ( wasn't suppose too with my plantar fisciattis but I needed too) Tuesday was a 30 mins on the spin bike at my moms apartment buildings and yesterday was a 30 minute upper body mix while listening to some classic rock. to get ready for work.

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