Friday, August 31, 2012

Early Morning Ramble...

The scale is down 3.5 lbs since Monday, thank goodness. Im feeling a little less bloat this morning. Now I've got to keep it going in that direction. I don't want to have anymore 'cheat meals' until I get some weight off guys. Im sick of the fat pants...real sick of them. My hips are starting to bother me and my stomach is so uncomfortable. sigh- I just have to do it. There's no gray area here....

Today's plans are a workout then work and since I'm closing ( the closer had a death in the family so I have to  close) I can enjoy some computer time while the kids are at school this morning :)

I did pretty good yesterday, ended the day at around 1700 and I also got in a weight workout earlier that day. Not sure what workout I will do today...maybe a leslie walk

I started tracking my calories again on Myfitnesspal and I noticed that they have a Fitbit sync and it automatically adjust your daily calorie intake to your daily calories out....which I find very interesting. so my question is,

Does anyone have a Fit Bit and can you tell me about your experience with it?

ok...have a great day :)

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