Tuesday, August 28, 2012


So...im sure you've figured out what this post will be about :/

Sunday I decided to let myself have some of the foods I've been craving for the past two weeks and well that decision kinda trickled over into yesterday so today is my starting over day. Its hard to say no to those nasty sugar cravings but I felt amazing the past two weeks so I've GOT to do it. Plus the scale almost gave me a heart attack this morning so its time to get the motor running and head off on the highway...looking for adventure.......or whatever comes my way. (oh,sorry. i get carried away sometimes ;-)

I'm so sleepy today, sigh.  I am off work today and tomorrow (thank goodness) so I plan on getting a lot of house work done and some workouts in. I did get out and walk a mile yesterday night. This morning I mowed the front yard pretty quickly since it was starting to rain. I was pouring sweat afterwards...just trying to get as much 'movement' out of my time off as possible. LOL

ok...off to walmart for some shampoo and stuff since im starting to mindlessly ramble now. Later gators...

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