Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday 7/24

Im off work today and im thankful for it.  I've got some good news, I weighed this morning and im down 2.2lbs. I started watching what I ate a few weeks ago and Im slowly getting better. Yesterday at work I turned down a slice of free pizza from the deli and a bite of cheesecake. I told myself yesterday morning before heading to work that I wasn't going to eat anything unless its planned. So thats what I did.  I woke up this morning and made me two english muffin breakfast sandwiches for the next two days at work. I also plan on buying me some salad stuff  and keeping it at work. I figure a sandwich and salad is an easy route...

The only time I get discouraged is at night, when  I feel those night munchies coming on and my husband and kids start their snacking. Its hard. last night I had some baked cheetos then some chips and salsa then I told myself no more.

anyways, I've been going steady with my workouts. Today is some lower body and a walk.

There is a new series that I will pre-order from Cathe called X-Train. Its just up my alley...

I also plan on buying this workout soon so I can get my @ss handed to me ;-) 

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