Sunday, July 01, 2012

Morning workout this morning. Im kinda pooped. Yesterday was such a busy day. After work ( and work was nothing but cake orders all. day. long. and to let you in on a little secret about me - not a huge fan of doing cake orders all dang day). So after work, me and the kids head off to walmart so they can spend there allowance...about an hour later ( sigh) we go to my moms to go swimming. Then its home to clean up a bit before crashing on my bed.

Im soooooo glad I woke up and got that workout in early.

On todays agenda is work then I plan on doing some back and biceps followed by a leslie sansome walk video.

Eating is still going good....I did about 400 calories over my limit but oh well, i was very active yesterday. I will try my best today to stay at 1700 ( my daily limit).


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  1. I aim for one workout a day so that on those really busy days I can afford to miss! I can't believe that you lost 112lb. That is amazing!


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