Saturday, June 09, 2012

Well this is GREAT!

Of course im being sarcastic...wth am I doing up this early? My eye's popped open at 3:30 this morning....really sucks.

So, since im up - might as well blog.

Continuing on with my Scream Out Loud post the other day...I spoke to a some-what trusted co-worker about what happened that day. She said she wouldn't worry about it, she also told me that the PITA cake decorator said that I showed weakness when I went to the store manager about an incident between me and the other PITA co-worker( donut maker). I said "Weakness? And I was suppose to just stand there and let her scream at me? I'm acting manger right now...I'm just a fill in until the bakery manger returns...I don't have to deal with that crap!" She said exactly... she then said that the PITA cake decorator told her it was a sign of weakness in their culture. When you don't deal with your own problems.  *eye roll* I simply said "I'm not their culture...."

sigh, kinda pissed me off though. If there is one thing I KNOW im not, its weak. I wouldn't be in the position im in if I was looked at as weak. Seriously....

anyways. Im waiting on my husband to get home so I can go to work. ( my babies aren't old enough to be by their self :)

later gators....

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  1. you sock it to them babe! You are not weak!


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