Saturday, June 02, 2012

Feeling Better :)

Its now Saturday night and after a pretty good week, im feeling better...mentally, but physically I was a mess. I have been suffering from allergies for about a week now but it really hit me hard about three days ago and just never let up. I finally had to go to the doctor today and get two shots and some prescriptions. I'm starting to feel better...

Work is going better. Everything seems to be going smoothly, for now. Actually, im kinda enjoying it :) I just hope all my orders come in Monday :/ , our grocery store is switching our frozen warehouses and all new orders were to go in today and they will arrive Monday before 5. Sigh...I hope everything comes. If not...oh well, I will have to compromise. LOL

I got in three walks and one step workout this week ( with being sick I might add ) so not so bad.


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