Friday, May 25, 2012

Blah Blah Blah - Shit!

Went to my doctor Tuesday to discuss tweeking my medications. He wanted to increase my Zoloft but I wasn't  so eager too, I told him I didn't like the Valium that I was taking so he switched me to Calonipin ( or however you spell it). This stuff is a lot stronger then the Valium and im not sure about it either. I mean, who wants to walk around all day like a frickin'  zombie? I don't!

Anyways - he basically told me to watch what I eat for the next two weeks and come back and see him, he was concerned about my weight gain ( yeah, NO SHIT - Im a little concerned myself doc). He mention if the weight gain persist and  if I was honestly trying to lose weight, then he will offer me other options (*diet pills and no thank you).

I don't know? I'm trying to watch what I eat and change my way of thinking about food. Its not suppose to be comfort or an "instant high" , food is for fuel.

Yesterday I was at work and it was a stressful day. I basically had to do the job of two people and deal with a pesky store manager - but I never touched anything. I found myself having these 'urges' to cram a donut in my mouth but I just got busy doing something and that urge was gone. So its obvious to me that I've went back to my old way of eating. The same eating that got me close to 300 lbs. Stress and emotional eating.

I haven't given up yet nor will I ever. My focus right now is to maintain my current weight (186) and try to get through the next month ( my manger's vacation, which leaves me in-charge for a month).

check back in  later

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  1. It's important to let the doctor know if something doesn't work for you. I don't know if I would want a higher dose pill either. Surely there has to be something else he can recommend.


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