Friday, May 11, 2012


Last night I had a binge. I'm trying to figure out the why behind it? Why do I feel the need to stuff my face until my stomach is aching?

It started with me wanting something sweet. I hadn't had anything sweet in a few days so there wasn't anything in the house. Of course my peanut butter always works for a sweet for me. So I grabbed a spoon and had a tbsp.... Then another...then some on a slice of bread with honey on top, then some honey bunches of oats without any milk, then some fruit loops with some chocolate syrup on this point, my stomach started hurting so I quit.

sigh, Maybe I should keep something sweet around just for me? I used to eat those sugar free fudge pops or SF pudding when I had a sweet tooth. Or fruit....fruit is always good. I just got to figure this out.

I don't think I've had a binge in a while. Guess its all the stress from work and i beat myself up too much. I know I do...gotta work on that.

So I'm starting over again today with my healthy eating. Last night was a slip but I won't let it mess me up. 

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