Monday, April 09, 2012

Wow, what a productive day so far for me. I've cleaned up a little, started laundry and mowed the back yard. I'm off today and tomorrow and I soooooo needed this break from work. I plan on cleaning up today and doing everything I need to do and relaxing tomorrow :)

So, yesterday was fun. Went to a family Easter event not too far from here. I used to despise these events because I didn't know anybody. I would feel so uncomfortable and just awkward.  But for the last two years I have really enjoyed them. I'm not sure if its the fact that I'm older and just more outgoing ( my personality has definitely changed since losing weight) or maybe the Zoloft is helping me relax more?

I'm waiting for my hubby to get up so we can drop the car off at the mechanics, were having a new alternator put on today. I really should go out and clean it up a bit -its looking kinda rough :/

Eating was of course bad over the Easter weekend, but im getting back on track today. I would love to get in a weight lifting session too. Will see. For me, getting back on track with healthier eating is more important :)

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