Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Just very bitchy all. Day. Long.

My hubby and I went grocery shopping and it ended up being 130$, and that will only last about 4/5 days before we head out again. sigh, evey thing is getting so expensive. I bought me some veggies, yogurt, low carb wraps ( im not eating low carb, I just like these because they have 8grams of protein and fiber WOW) beans and frozen veggies.

Then we bought some gas on the way home and its up to 3.84 a gallon. Its madness. Luckily I live about 2miles from my job and my hubby's job isn't too far away either. I couldn't imagine having a long commute to work with these gas prices.

After that we went to taco bell where I got some chicken fresco tacos and some water. Thats when the bitchy blahs really started to bug me because after eating my taco's I wasn't full, I wanted more and I knew my calories wouldn't allow it. I didn't need anymore.... and I didn't get anymore. Just pouted a little.

I just came back from the tanning salon and im not too happy with the way thats going either. Im kinda brown but not exactly tan yet. Its been two weeks. The membership was 38$ and I don't think I will be paying for it again. I would rather lay in the sun at my house in the privacy of my own yard....where its free.

Did I mention I was kinda bitchy today? =P

so anyways, after grocery shopping I did some weight lifting. 106minutes worth to be exact. I cranked up some rock music and busted out 2/3 exercises for each body part @ 12 reps with heavy to moderate weight. It was an awesome workout, nice and sweaty. ...but still bitchy...

any hoot. I will get over it and life will go on. Just gotta stay on plan and not let it get to me. Gotta stay focused here =) Tomorrow its back to work after being off for 3 days. Im actually looking forward to it.

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