Thursday, April 26, 2012

There's Only One Way To Go Now

So after a brief argument with myself I decided to take a breath and face the scale. I needed a wake up call and I definitely got one. Im sick to my stomach at the moment. A 17lbs gain has turned into a 21lb one. Im going in the wrong direction here. Its time to do something about it before I REALLY regret this. 

Today is day #1. Here's my plan:
drink water
no eating at work
stick to myfitnesspal
cut our night time eating
no emotional eating
practice my visualization when anxiety strikes

Im not sure if I'm going to come on here everyday or every few days or once a week to update

There is no choice at the moment on whether or not I do this. I've got too. I'm starting to see myself in the mirror and get that feeling of sadness. :(

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