Wednesday, April 04, 2012

My day started at 4:20 this morning. I had to be at work at 5 and it was another tough day. We are still short 2 full time employee's so me and the manger are having to pick up a lot of the slack. I had no lunch break and left at 1:40 in the afternoon. ( I did sit down and eat my breakfast around 10am ).

After work I head to the tanning bed and get a membership for a month (yeahya) and lay for 10 minutes. Then head to the grocery store for a few items and finally make it home around 3:30. I was exhausted.

THEN I force myself to get dressed and do a weight lifting workout for an hour. I was dead tired and had a million excuses running through my head but I got it in and felt great afterwards.

Another long day tomorrow and im sure the next few days will be crazy in the bakery with Easter this weekend. sigh

 My calories were good today, around 1700 - yesterday wasn't so good. DH took us to town for a little shopping and you know how shopping can make you hungry ;-) Just a little set'll be ok =)

Have a great night

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