Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Feeling Better....

So after some slight procrastination this morning I finally forced myself to get in a workout. I did Cathe Friedrichs Low Impact Circuit. It was fun and surprisingly I wasn't out of breath. 

So work has me all bent out of shape at the moment. Here's the situation:

For the past 6wks we have been short handed one full time person. She had a stroke and I highly doubt she will be coming back. My manager, on the other hand, thinks she will come back and so she is 'waiting' on her and not hiring anyone else.

There was a girl that was suppose to start training last week and she was a no-call no show. 


 meanwhile we are all working out humps off trying to keep up with everything.  I plan on talking to her about it tomorrow, she really needs to start training someone on closing for at least 2/3 days a week before she goes on her vacation. She's leaving in a month and she will be gone for a month ( leaving me in charge). I'm not going to kill myself at that bakery...thats for sure.

ok, vent over :o

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