Saturday, April 07, 2012

Binge :(

After work I came home to a dirty house, kids wanting something to eat and my phone ringing off the hook. I forgot to meet my sister in town and I had to to cook supper before my DH went to work. ( he works nights)

I was so overwhelmed :(  I didn't know what to do first.

After DH left and the house was clean, supper cooked and I was in my PJ's. I sat down (for the first time that day) in front of the couch and ate. I ate and ate and ate. ( to be exact : 2hot dogs, two bowls of sugary cereal, some Easter candy my mom brought over "for the kids" and some baked doritos)

before my binge I had one hundred calories left after eating perfect all day. And whats worse is that I wasn't even hungry during all that eating :( 


So lets try this again. Its a new day :)

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