Friday, April 13, 2012

5AM Workouts

Yep, its true. I got my behind out of bed early this morning to get in an easy 2-mile walk with Leslie Sansone. I even had a little giggle with all her talking. ( at one point during the walk she even admits to talking too much, lol)

Im off to log my food for the day.

Oh...and my daily weigh in revealed a pound loss. 180.8 :D
But I think Monday will be my official weigh in day of the week. ( so I can't cheat during the weekends ;-)


  1. awesome job!!! those 5AM workouts will get easier in time. it feels great to have something accomplished before you even walk out the door. keep it up girlie! ;)

  2. I think that getting up at 5am should be the prerequisite to losing 1 pound! It should just fall off as repayment for how hard it is to do! lol! Well done!


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