Sunday, April 29, 2012

2 out of 6 mmkay

An update on my progress so far on my challenge:

a copy of my plans from a few days ago

drink water -yep
no eating at work
stick to myfitnesspal
cut our night time eating
no emotional eating

practice my visualization when anxiety strikes ( kinda) you can see, not so great :)

 I'll be got in the way or better yet WORK got in the way. Sigh. But that lingering feeling of misery is still there. I KNOW i've got to make a change.Ugh! My new pants are getting tight and its reeeealy pissing me off.  As I was riding home today from work I thought just how bad I would feel if I gained 40lbs, 50lbs? Right now with my 21lbs weight gain, I can still get a grasp of it.


After work today I come home and my nose is completely stomped up. Really sucks! I can't take anything for it because of the anxiety medication so im just trying to drink plenty of fluids and get some good rest tonight. I also plan on doing a nasal wash in a few will probably run down my throat instead out the other nostril LOL...yuk.

Tomorrow im going to start working on my workouts. Maybe print out a weeks worth and start with that. If I can just get started on them then hopefully I'll get that mental boost that ive been waiting for. 

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