Friday, March 09, 2012


Instead of coming on here and complaining about myself and my bad eating and lack of exercise, I'm going to come on here and ask for prayers.

My MIL, who I was very close to at one point in my life, is going to lose her life in the next 24 hours. The doctors are saying it will happen, its just a matter of time.  Her kidneys have shut down completely and she is retaining toxic fluid in her body. They tried dialysis and its not working. She's not eating and the decision to put her on a  feeding tube will kill her. So sometime today she will be taken off the medications that are keeping her alive and she will pass on in peace with all her family around her.

Im asking for prayers for my Husbands family. He's the youngest of 6 children, he was her baby. This is going to be the hardest thing in his life he will have to go through. Please pray for him.

I also wanted to thank everybody for there kind words on my post about my eating problem. Im mentally getting prepared for a diet. ( I hate using that word but my gosh, what else can I call it?) I bought a new little book to count my calories in and I actually started yesterday. But after seeing my MIL yesterday evening I broke down and attacked some Nuttella last night. ( that stuff shouldn't be in the house anyway :o )

Have a good day. :)

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  1. Definitely praying...stress like this can make the eating choices so difficult. Just do your best while you're going through this. I believe in you. :)


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