Saturday, March 24, 2012

The last few days

Thursday 8:30pm

Why is it that whenever I come on here to blog, I always forget WHAT im blogging about?  I finished a Leslie dvd earlier and had an interesting subject for a blog post( in the middle of my workout) and now im completely blank. sigh. And this doesn't just happen at home, Im doing this more and more at work. Its frustrating when you walk into a very cold freezer and forget what your in there for! :o

I'll just say what seems to be the reason for everything these days. "Must be the pollen"


Im doing good. Still alive and stuff. My little girls softball practice got canceled ( hellllllyeah) so I'm in my pj's drinking my decafe coffee : D Just had my supper ( two home made chicken biscuits w/eggs and it was delicious) and cleaned up the kitchen. Now I just have the laundry to do and some vacuuming and I can watch the rest of that red box movie I rented yesterday and tried to watch but couldn't hear because my kids were playing Kung fu Panda in my living room. - therefor I went to bed early. The movie is "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo."I've seen the Denmark version of the movie and loved it so I rented to American version to see if its any better.

Friday 5:04 pm

Just got home from work and of course it was a crazy day. Its the end of the month so inventory is due Sunday.  We are short two people right now so its a madhouse. No workout today and I've been straying towards the sweets at work. Time to get it under control.

 Saturday 5:06 am

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Just a very grumpy guss. I shouldn't have stepped on the scale, i'm back to 180 this morning. But its not like im expecting a loss with the way I've been eating. Im just not in that 'diet' mindset right now. I will be one day though. Honestly, I've been stressing about a couple of bills that are due and we because my husband was out of work for a week, I have to borrow money and I hate borrowing money.

Anyways, I work today and tomorrow then im off Monday and Tuesday, then I have another mangers meeting on Wednesday so it will be a little vacation from that place. Im excited :) After work today im going to pop in a Leslie dvd and see if I can get some relief from all the drama in my life right now.

Have a great weekend

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