Friday, March 30, 2012

Feeling Motivated This Morning

What does that lady on the weight watchers commercials say? " Its a new dawn, its a new day - and I'm feeling gooooooood" ....

Well, im feeling good today :)

Even though I stepped on the scale and im at a new all time high - I don't care.
Even though I have a few personal issues going on around here - I don't care.
Even if work is kicking my ass every single day - I don't care.

Those are all excuses and I will not use them anymore.

I just came from Myfitnesspal. I read a thread on a women that is going through the same thing that I am. She's falling off the wagon, has gained some weight back and seems to be making excuses for everything. Her bad habits have slowly wiggled their way back into her life and she's using food for comfort.

She had over 32 replies so far, giving her advice and support and encouragement. It helped me this morning too.

I was coming out of the bathroom yesterday at work and I glanced at myself in the mirror - and I can see the extra 17lbs that I have gained so far. Nobody else seems to notice when I mention it, there either lying or just being nice. But I can see it and I don't like it. Its insulting and its pissing me off!

Yesterday was a very frustrating day at work. Just one thing after another was happening. When your an emotional eater and your surrounded by comfort foods it makes it twice as hard to stay focused.  My thoughts would keep going back to 'donuts, cookies, cakes'. And I had to keep fighting those thoughts/cravings. My mouth would actually water up when I would see them. I'm not going to was hard. I did finally give in and eat a yellow cupcake with about 3tbs of whipped icing. But I pulled the breaks after that. And that was a great feeling.

Im off work today, thank goodness. I need to concentrate on planning my workouts the next few days and my eating as well. Its time to get back on track! Im sick of this extra weight! I'm sick of feeling bad and like a failure! I want this more that anything in my life!!!!!!!! Its time to take action.


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