Saturday, February 04, 2012

Yesterdays cravings turned into another all day eat-whaterver-the-hell-I-want day. Its like I give food all this power and it controls me. NO MORE! I control what goes in my mouth!

So, I made a decision for today, just today. (I'll worry about tomorrow, tomorrow)  I'm going to count calories!
 I get around 1780 if I want to lose a half a pound a week.

I have to have some kind of limit here or I go hog wild.

Therapy has taught me to not beat myself up about it. So that feeling isn't here today ( you know what feeling I'm talking about, the "I'm worthless or I can't do this" feeling that comes after a binge) I won't allow it to come.

I have all my food packed and I will get my mind off of food for today. It seems to take up way to much of my world.

My workouts have been going well. There not like they use to be, intense everyday, but I'm learning to balance them with my job. I aim for 4 workouts a week. If I can get my eating under control I will reach goal in no time and honestly, 1700 calories is a lot if you eat healthy.

Off to work I go.....


  1. i struggle with the same binging and feelin horrible and beating myself up forever about it

    how do u get past that

  2. You will do fine! 1700 calories all planned out. Take back the power.


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