Thursday, February 16, 2012

In a mood

The problem
I've been in such a crappy mood lately. I'm always tired, i haven't been drinking my water or eating right. I did manage to get in four workouts last week and one yesterday for this week but BOY do I feel bad about my actions. I closed at work yesterday and I recognized anxiety as soon as I got there. My body was tense and as soon as my boss left I had these overwhelming urges to stuff my face.


Lets just say the urges won.

I'm feeling a little defeated this morning.  My therapist said that 'food' is taken up way to much of my world. I shouldn't be obsessed with it as much as I am.

The Solution
To stop worrying about the damage that I've done with my eating. To stop beating myself up over every little thing that I do 'wrong'. Today I will be gentle with myself, today I will nourish my body with healthy food, get in a leslie sansome workout after work ( after all, its just marching in place for thirty minutes - I have no excuses NOT to do this) and I will also smile more today. I will stop thinking 'poor me' and do something about it. I'm not the only women that struggles with this. And if I do have an urge ( which is mostly when I'm alone and thankfully when I work in the mornings I'm not alone) I will stop what I'm doing and retreat to my car. I will meditate and just breath. I can beat this.

Which reminds me, I need to make an appointment with my therapist because I was doing a lot better when I was seeing her. I haven't seen her in over three weeks :(. I blew off my Monday appointment with that hypnosis guy and I should have went. I keep thinking that I can do this by myself and clearly I'm struggling...

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