Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'm suppose to be working out right now....

I set the alarm for 5am but kept hitting the sleep button. Im in no mood to kick up my heals right now. I'm exhausted. I didn't workout yesterday either and it was my day off from work. For the past 10 days we have been in and out of the hospital visiting my poor mother in law.

She's doing better. She survived being taken off life support but we got some bad news yesterday. She will have to live the remainder of her life in her current condition, so in other words - she's not getting much better then she is right now. Her kidneys aren't improving and she is very weak. Her BP keeps dropping and her sugar is all over the place. They are deciding now to either put her in hospice or home care.

I saw the look in her eye yesterday and it said 'im tired of this'.

I've got to get ready for work this morning. I can tell I haven't been eating right and not drinking my water because I don't feel very good. I feel run down this morning. I plan on eating really good today and drinking a lot of water, hopefully i will feel better after work and be able to get in a good, solid workout.

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