Friday, February 17, 2012

Gonna Try Something New

I stumbled upon these hypnosis cd's  while I was looking up the calories of a meal I had for supper. I went to Dotti's weight loss zone and I noticed that she listens to these cd's at least three times a week to help keep her on track, positive and motivated. That's what I need.

There not to expensive either. Like three payments of 26$. I will order them tomorrow...gotta get the ok from the hubs first.

My day went ok. Im tired, there's a real shocker. I did force myself to get in a mile walk with my daughter, but thats about it. Work had me exhausted and by the time I got home...I was lucky to get in that walk. I did count my calories today and I stayed within my maintenance calories. So I feel good about that.

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