Monday, February 27, 2012

Feeling Chatty

Good Morning

Im feeling pretty good this morning, can't complain. And it has nothing to do with the scale leaning in my favor (176, 6lbs down in three days) it has nothing to do with my awesome workout yesterday either.

..well, maybe it does =P

Todays going to be a very busy day at work! We are still short handed since the new girl is in training so I'm having to do two jobs in the bakery ( bake the mornings bread plus pull the expired product off the shelf and replace it) .... but then im off tomorrow. YAY! My manager meetings start Wednesday and from what I hear, there very boring. And everybody in my class will be male...not sure if I like that or not either. Oh has to be done in order for me to become an assistant bakery manager. One day I will be running my own bakery :)

Have a great day. I will check back in tonight after the craziness of the day is over :)

Today my plan is to get in CLX burn circut 1 after work. Her workouts aren't too hard and there short but I still feel the burn.

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