Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dear Lord,

It's me, Amy. I know I'm probably not on your best side these days. Yeah, I don't go to church and I do have the occasional bad thought about annoying people, and yeah I do let a curse word slip every now and then when I'm behind some idiot in the car

... but I do pray to you every night and I do apologize for any of my short comings....

I have a favor to ask of you, and its not about me. You have given me so much and I'm so completely happy with my blessings, so thank you again for the people in my life.

The favor that I ask is if you could spare my Mother in Law today. The past 2 1/2 years have been so hard for her so I understand if her time with us is over. I know her body is tired and I'm sure she doesn't want to keep going the way she has been. She has been through so much with all her heart attacks, congestive heart failures and strokes. But the average person would have left us a long time ago...the average person doesn't live through one heart attack, but she has had 6 - I know you have to have another reason for her in this life. 

She will be taken off life support this morning to see if she can breath on her own. I pray to you this morning that she pulls through. I pray to you that my Father in law, husband and family continue to pull together during this difficult time. May your arms wrap around them and squeeze them tight.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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  1. I will remember your MIL in my prayers, Amy. I'm sorry she is suffering. I had an uncle in a similar situation a few year ago only he had COPD. He was suffering greatly and near death and so I prayed to God that if was going to take my uncle, to take him quickly so that his suffering would end. He passed the next morning. I miss him still but am so glad that he is no longer suffering. You will be in my thoughts.


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