Thursday, February 02, 2012

Amy's Tired

1 Cinnamon swirl ( like a cinnamon biscuit)
2 apple fritters
large fry and small mocha frappe at McDonalds
2 slices of pizza + smart ones dessert
bowl of fruity pebbles

This is what I ate through out the day ( notice im speaking in past tense, therefor I'm not eating anything else!) All of this is summed up into one word JUNK! *J*U*N*K!!! And about 2200 calories....

This blog is becoming and I quote" Amy's bitching and moaning journey to a big fat butt! "

ok...Not really a big "Fat" butt but thats what I feel like when i eat like this. No nutrition at all, just empty calories. I didn't take a lunch today because I had SO MUCH to do. So I grabbed what was in front of me...and I work at a bakery - so thats my defense. =P. And I totally forgot about a balance bar that is super delicious that I have stashed in my locker AND purse. Grrrr.  At least I know that I can't eat like this everyday. I don't think I would want to anyway, I don't feel very good. My blood sugar has been going up and down all day. 

Anyways. Moving on.

So as I mentioned in an earlier post, I threw my scale away. And even though its driving me up a garden pipe not knowing what I weigh...I can honestly say. It doesn't matter! That's right! I have moved on from my obsession over the # on the scale and I'm going by how my pants fit. And right now there fitting about the same as they always have. Slightly-snug, but loose throughout the day. ;-)

I have a new obsession too. Fuzzy socks and pj bottoms  - oh my- I  wuv Them....


  1. When it starts it is so hard to stop. Working in a bakery would be so tricky! I starved the other day at school cos I didn't want to eat crap and got home to find a tin of tuna in my bag! Derr!


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