Sunday, January 29, 2012

Quick update

So my appointment with my therapist went well Friday. I did break down a little during our session. She really gets to the root of whats going on inside me. I mean....she's good, .....really good.

I haven't had any real urges to binge or over-eat since then. She explained how the process works in my head with the negative thoughts that turn into negative actions(binge eating). She also explained how I beat myself up too much and that also leads to binges.

She wants me to start flipping that negative thought process to a more positive one. For instance, when I say "I can't" or "My will power is gone" or "im just not good enough". She told me to learn how to  recognize those thoughts quickly and flip them around to a more positive thought like "I can" and "I do have the will power and I am good enough to be happy". Its all a mental game really.

Its just too bad I have to pay an 'expert' to tell me all of this =-P

Anyways. I got in four days of workouts last week too. Yeahya, happy dance :D

Be back later.....have a great day :)

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