Thursday, January 05, 2012

Never Giving Up!

I didn't have a very good day yesterday. Food was all I thought was sad. I thought about my day yesterday last night and maybe im putting too much pressure on myself with logging my calories online? In the past, when I have been successful at losing weight, I would log my calories at home on a notebook and not make a big deal about it. I would just forget about it. I wouldn't talk about it or mention it to anyone that I was on a diet. It wasn't in my mind and when  I found myself obsessing over it I would get busy doing something else. 

All I know is yesterday really opened my eyes a little . I probably ended the day close to 2500. I was at work and just totally gave in to my cravings. I was able to stay away from the higher calorie foods ( cakes, donuts) but I did have an oatmeal cookie and some bites of cheesebread. I also had a few spoon fulls of lemon creme filling. but then I pulled the breaks.

Today im going to forget about the past and log my food on a little notebook that I'm buying today. I will also keep up with my workouts that way. And I'm not going to tell anybody Im counting calories. Im not going to mention it. I think the less I talk about it the less I obsess with it. ( hope that makes sense)

I also plan on getting in a good workout after work. If nothing else, I will walk on the treadmill. :)

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