Monday, January 23, 2012

I threw my scale away!
YEP....Sure Did! :D

I got so mad at it that I yanked it off the floor and shoved it in the garbage can! I don't need to know my weight everyday because I'm going to determine how I feel when I wake up!!

The next step is eating healthy without any binges or guilt. To eat because im hungry, not because of whatever else reason.

I have been meaning to grab some kind of daily planner to stick in my purse so I can better manage my schedule. I need to start planning my workouts better.

My next appointment with my therapist is Friday, but im going to try and get it moved to Wednesday hoping to know when I get to work today. I'm off work tomorrow so I'm going to ask for Wednesday off too. 2 days off in a row will be SO NICE! to start a workout. Im thinking Step Moves then some Muscle Max back, Biceps & abs

Update: Just finished  the above workout. I'm tired but I feel better ;)

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